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Initial Consultation:2020 will not be an easy year to find jobs. You need to be at your best. We would like to help. Call us for an initial complimentary consultation. Call now on 02 9981 3040 or 0448 900 104 to arrange a time to start the next stage in your life
Initial Consultation: 2020 will not be an easy year to find jobs. You need to be at your best. We would like to help. Call us for an initial complimentary consultation. Call now on 02 9981 3040 or 0448 900 104 to arrange a time to start the next stage in your life

Build Confidence

  • Have you got it?
  • How do you get it?
  • Can you learn it?

Find out about our 7-step plan

Challenge your limiting beliefs

See the end in the beginning

Get that interview

Superb resumes and covering letters get that interview.

Are you up to today’s competitive standards?

We can shape your resume to display your strengths, highlight your achievements and connect to the position you are applying for.

Get that Job Offer

Fantastic! You got the interview…

But how will you perform at that interview?

Will you project the positive image they are looking for?

Will you answer all questions with knowledge, confidence and style? We can show you how?

We will help you develop strategies that work for you

You can find a million books and websites that will give you tips and advice on how to successfully apply for and get the job you want.

That’s fine, but how do you actually put these no doubt good ideas into practice on your own. Introspect? Write lists? Perhaps role play with a friend? Not easy to do and how do you know if what you come up with is any good?

My unashamed sales pitch is that I can streamline and focus this process to develop strategies that work specifically for you. I have acquired this knowledge over three decades of experience both sides of the desk. A recruitment company in the City of London and a Personnel Director in the North side of London.

All of my lifetime’s knowledge and expertise is now available to you, to help you get on to that ladder of success.

I am Sandie Barber, The Interview Doctor. Call me now for a complimentary consultation.

The Interview Doctor Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to guide you, at whatever level you are, through the unwritten rules and conventions of the business world today.  The dilemmas we face, the possibilities there are.  We provoke questions to get you thinking!   Philosophy – wisdom – be wise. Use us to your advantage.

Is your English good enough?

Do you have confidence in your… communication skills?

intonation and pronunciation?

vocabulary and expressions?

and, last but not least, your grammar?

We can show you how.

Our Courses

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"Sandie is great! I was attending many interviews but just not getting the jobs. Exhaustion and defeat had set in! Enter Sandie who helped me engineer one big mindset shift and get me back in the game. I ended with multiple job offers and the ability to pick and choose. Thank you Sandie!"
Louise Bowden
“The Workshop that Sandie Barber conducted at the city offices of Lufthansa was dynamic, informative, empathetic and great fun! Her easy style and quick wit ensured that whilst everybody was on their toes, they were still absorbing relevant, useful and easy to digest information. All those present found the workshop extremely motivating and a great confidence booster for the future.” Miriam Cogar Manager Finance & Personnel Australia and New Zealand
Lufthansa Reports Back
Through the Interview Doctors Personal Development course, I have been able to rejuvenate my aspirations; I know I am able to respond to whatever situation the workplace throws at me! I am now settled into my new job in HR and loving every minute of it, a big thank you to Sandie and the team for everything they have done.
Janine Prever, NHS, United Kingdom
Through the executive career coaching provided by the Interview Doctor, I was able to clarify my aims and make a clear and concise plan to make it happen. One year later and I am no longer working for someone else, but am the Owner and Director of The Special Eyes Group. Highly recommend the Interview Doctor.
Steve Wilson, Special Eyes, Auckland, New Zealand