There have been zillions of books written on interview tips. I’m going to give you a few that they don’t usually tell you, but it IS what they think! Be prepared for the ugly truth guys, here it is if you’re serious about being better and getting the job you want.

Be memorable

Number one tip for everyone: Be memorable! They are interviewing many candidates, why would they, why should they remember you!? If you are one of many how will you stand out?? BE MEMORABLE!!

Learn the art of connection

Number two: Learn the art of connection. Imagine if you can connect with whoever is interviewing you? If you knew what they wanted from you? That would get you on any short list for sure!

Learn excellent communication

…and I mean excellent! It is not enough to give yes/no answers you need to learn how to open up a conversation, how to get the interviewer interested in what you have to say. The problem is, so many interviewers don’t know how to actually interview! They don’t know how to read people, so there’s another problem you have!! Guide the interview to go your way.

First impressions count

It’s an old cliché but it’s true, you only get one chance to make a great impression. Approximately 8 seconds and someone already has an opinion on you, isn’t it ridiculous, but it’s true! You know what I mean, you meet someone, know absolutely nothing about them and you just don’t like them, conversely you meet and you love them! You want to make sure you fall into category number 2!

It’s a numbers game…

Finally, understand that everything in life is a numbers game. If you have been on several interviews and not been successful, fantastic! It means that you are one step closer to getting the job you really want! Be positive. How can you use those tips and observations? Well, first read and inwardly digest. Then write lists of things that you think might help. Perhaps role play. My unashamed sales pitch is that I can streamline and focus this process to develop strategies that work specifically for you. I have acquired this knowledge over three decades of experience both sides of the desk. A recruitment company in the City of London and a Personnel Director in the North side of London. All of my lifetime’s knowledge and expertise is now available to you, to help you get on to that ladder of success. Call me now for a complimentary consultation.