Our Mission

  • We will strive to develop a better “you”

  • With joint collaboration to empower you

  • We will deliver superior service

  • We commit to providing excellence for our clients

  • We want to become the most valued company any job seeker could hope for

We Deliver Results

Over a 25 year period, The Interview Doctor has helped literally thousands of people across a wide spectrum secure jobs at all levels. We provide training, mentoring, support and guidance to the young and mature throughout their varying career journeys.  With unique and innovative methods,  The Interview Doctor can get you the results you deserve.

The Interview Doctor Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to guide you, at whatever level you are, through the unwritten rules and conventions of the business world today. The dilemmas we face, the possibilities there are. We provoke questions to get you thinking! Philosophy – wisdom – be wise. Use us to your advantage.

Assisting you to realise your career goals

We are committed to helping people learn and practice the skills and approaches that enable them to achieve their career goals.  We offer a range of Seminars, Focus Groups, Workshops and One on One Development Courses to accommodate varying needs and circumstances.  Everything we do is aimed at ensuring you gain greater power and control.  We will support you in your journey to success.  We want you to achieve your goals and get you the interview that will lead to your target job.

Who is The Interview Doctor?

The Interview Doctor is a company dedicated to getting you started on the path to your dream career. Our team of consultants draw on their 25 years of experience in recruitment and HR to work with a wide range of job seekers, to guide them through the entire career process.

Why was the interview doctor created?

The Interview Doctor saw a gap in the market for the whole range for job seekers. The six step process of getting a job is complicated and without the proper help and guidance can be a frustrating, difficult and fruitless journey. Sourcing and getting the right job is a lengthy and time consuming process. We can make a difficult situation easier by helping you improve your resume, interview techniques and much more. We wanted to use our knowledge and expertise in the recruitment, HR and corporate world to the advantage of all job seekers.

What makes the Interview Doctor Different?

We have a genuine care and concern; we do more than just talk. Speak to any one of our team and you will instantly see how we are different we are. Our team has tailored programs to work with mums returning to work, new arrivals in Australia, school leavers, those taking redundancy, executives and everyone in between.

Who are the Team at the Interview Doctor?

We have an established team of experts all of whom have been in recruitment, HR or customer service careers.

Why choose us? Why use us?

If you are looking for a job but are unemployed, if you have a resume but are not 100% certain it is a 5 star resume, if you have already been unsuccessful in an interview or if you just need some career advice we can help. Our company is unparalleled in the careers arena and our service is second to none. We deliver more than promises, with a personal touch, every time.

Our Team

Our team brings many years’ experience in the worlds of recruitment, training, marketing and career counselling

Sandie Barber

The Interview Doctor

Bella Westaway

Marketing & Media

Deborah Lennard

Recruitment Specialist

Melanie Montgomery

Operations Manager

Voya Lukic

Sales Director

Chris Hyde

Director of Languages

Some of our happy clients