What Our Clients Say About Us

Ryan Sanders, Haka Tours,  New Zealand

Knowing Sandie for over 10 years, I have used her expertise and experience not only in developing the skills of myself, but my staff. The interview Doctor has instilled a sense of pride in the workplace for all staff which makes for a happier and more productive environment.

Janine Prever, NHS, United Kingdom

Through the Interview Doctors Personal Development course I have been able to rejuvenate my aspirations; I know I am able to respond to whatever situation the workplace throws at me! I am now settled into my new job in HR and loving every minute of it, a big thank you to Sandie and the team for everything they have done.

Ronel Bothmar, Careers Advisor All Hallows’ Girls School, Brisbane, Australia

Sandie Barber from The Interview Doctor delighted our Year 10 girls at All Hallows’ School, Brisbane with an extremely informative and interesting talk on 16th April 2013.

Sandie’s expertise and knowledge was impressive and the girls thoroughly enjoyed her presentation as it was interactive and very topical. We hope to welcome her back to All Hallows’ sometime in the near future

Christine Del Gallo, Principal, Northern Beaches Secondary College Mackellar Girls Campus,Manly Vale, Sydney, Australia

Sandie Barber’s presentation to our Year 11 provided most valuable information for all students transitioning to their careers and the workforce. Sandie’s extensive and most practical knowledge assisted each and every student. Her expertise and wisdom were delivered with an easy rapport that connected with students.

Stephanie Birtles, current client of The Interview Doctor

Sandie was an excellent help to my confidence and to my résumé and interview skills. I was so lucky to come across such a kind, friendly and extremely helpful woman with incredible skills!


Susie Tobias, Tobias Recruitment

Working with Sandie for nearly 6 years gave me the confidence and skills to make a change in my career path and to develop my own successful recruitment company!

Louise Bowden

Sandie is great! I was attending many interviews but just not getting the jobs. Exhaustion and defeat had set in! Enter Sandie who helped me engineer one big mindset shift and get me back in the game. I ended with multiple job offers and the ability to pick and choose. Thank you Sandie!

Canberra Boys Grammar School

What a fantastic workshop with all the absolutely delightful boys at Canberra Grammar. They are a credit to both the school and their parents! An informative interactive session, with full involvement from all participating. Well done boys, you will all go far!

McCleay College Student

Adriana is one of the fabulous students at McCleay College and she has kindly expressed her thoughts regarding Sandie’s presentation at the college last week. “I really enjoyed the workshop last Thursday. Sandie, dynamite, I want to intern under that woman. I didn’t get the chance to speak to her after the workshop but she threw a few questions at me and I think I responded well, hopefully she remembers me. I know we share the same mind set, you can have an impressive resume, and that is important, but at some point you will have to come face to face with someone, shake their hand and sell yourself, and I love that and I’m good at it and I think some people overlook that component as apart of being a successful candidate. I think the lessons and insights I could learn are lessons that are vital to success.” Thank you for your amazing feedback Adriana!

Lufthansa Reports Back

The Workshop that Sandie Barber conducted at the city offices of Lufthansa was dynamic, informative, empathetic and great fun! Her easy style and quick wit ensured that whilst everybody was on their toes, they were still absorbing relevant, useful and easy to digest information. All those present found the workshop extremely motivating and a great confidence booster for the future.” Miriam Cogar Manager Finance & Personnel Australia and New Zealand

Marist College

It’s always a worry when you are talking to the boys. No disrespect gentlemen, but you can be somewhat disruptive on occasions. Certainly not the case with the delightful boys I had the privilege of talking to at Marist College. Fantastic interaction, lots of great questions and I hope a great learning curve for all those that participated. A really fun day!

From our Job Interview Clients

A success story from our wonderful client Cherry. We are so happy for her accomplishing her goal of attaining a new job.

“I am absolutely thrilled after searching for over a year without success that I have had such a great result. After only 1 intense coaching session with the wonderful Sandie I felt much more at ease and prepared for my upcoming interview. I felt thoroughly prepared and confident on the day. When I shared the news with Sandie, she was as excited as I was that I did get the job! It is the best investment one could make when riding the job search, roller coaster. Thank you so much Sandie!” – Cherry

Our wonderful client Katie sent us her magnificent success story and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

‘Hi Sandie, You should definitely know that I was offered the job I interviewed for the day after coming to see you and started working there last Monday. So far everything is going well. It seems like a nice company and the job should be challenging and interesting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much, as my success at the interview was largely due to your expert advice and coaching the day before. I am extremely grateful and would never have believed one session could make such a difference. The best $150 I’ve spent since arriving in Sydney 🙂”
Many thanks, Katie’

Success Stories From SCEGGS Darlinghurst

The Interview Doctor recently visited the wonderful girls at SCEGGS Darlinghurst and received some amazing feedback…

“I thought she was great, I felt ready to do an interview straight away this afternoon. Her tips and stuff were really good in making you realise what could happen in an interview and a good way to reply to things that you might otherwise have not really considered important. I definitely think that the school should get her in for one of her day courses. Thank you so much for organising the meeting” – Tilly

“Yes, I think she was great! It was really interesting and useful to hear from someone who has dealt a lot with interviews and that kind of thing, and she was also really passionate and motivating. She had lots of practical information. Everything she said made a lot of sense. I loved it! It was wonderful! So refreshing to have someone so different but offer really good advice 🙂 Thanks for arranging it!” Lucy

“I thought she was fantastic. I think if we’d had time a day session (for the girls interested) would’ve been great 🙂” Anon

Abdul Aziz Malibari

I have not had good luck in the past, with interviews for my preferred field of rheumatology. I am a Doctor, in Saudi Arabia but was waiting for an interview for a job in Sweden.

It was my good fortune I found Sandie Barber at The Interview Doctor. I had two long skype sessions with Sandie. She also found for me a school to help me with my English, so did everything she could to make sure this time, I did get the job.

I am very pleased indeed to say I did get the job! I could not thank Sandie enough for all her help. To all doctors wherever you are, this interviewing with her made the difference of no to yes!

I would definitely recommend her services.